History of The FIFA World Cup Trophy

The Olympics is the only other major sporting event that can compete with the World Cup in terms of global reach.

Football, however, has always been and will forever remain more globally recognisable and significant than the Olympic Games.

Thus, the pinnacle of the sport—the World Cup tournament—required a legendary trophy to honour the event and convey the weight of a World Cup victory.

What trophy, though, has been hoisted in triumph? How did it come to be? Have there been shifts throughout time?

So as to address these concerns, we have compiled a brief history of the cup itself, beginning with the first tournament in 1930 and continuing up to the present day.

Jules Rimet Trophy

As the Third President of Fifa, Jules Rimet Was Honoured with The Naming of The Inaugural World Cup Trophy. in 1929, the Frenchman Was a Major Force in Establishing a World Cup Event by Casting the Deciding Vote to Launch a Global Football Championship.

The Inaugural World Cup Competition Took Place The Following Year. the World Cup Was Rimet’s Lifelong Dream and The Culmination of His 33-Year Tenure as President of Fifa, Which Began in 1921.

history of the world cup trophy

Abel Lafleur Sculpted the Trophy in The Shape of Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory, Holding a Cup. First Called the “world Cup,” Then “the Golden Goddess,” This Trophy Was Made of Sterling Silver that Had Been Plated in Gold.

The Sport Flourished Under His Leadership, and The Cup Was Renamed in His Honour when World War Ii Ended in 1946.

For the First Four World Cups, the Titles Were Split Between Uruguay and Italy. with Three Victories in The Next Four Tournaments, Brazil Became the De Facto Owner of The World Cup in Accordance with Fifa Rules.


As with The Rest of The World, the Trophy Was Affected Greatly by World War Ii. when Italy Won the Trophy in 1938, They Were Already Deep in The War, Therefore Its Safety Was a Major Issue.

Ottorino Barassi, an Italian Who Was the Vice President of Fifa at The Time, Stole the Trophy from A Bank and Put It Beneath His Bed so That the Nazis Wouldn’t Be Able to Get Their Hands on It.


In 1966, the Cups Saw yet Another Landmark Year. the Trophy Was Taken from A Public Exhibition at Westminster Central Hall Four Months Before the Event Was Supposed to Take Place in England. the Robbery Outraged Many Despite the 24-Hour Protection, and The Thieves Asked for £15,000.

history of the world cup trophy

In Response, the Whole Police Force Was Mobilised to Locate the Cup, and A Replica Was Created Just in Case the Original Was Lost. a Dog Named Pickles Would Eventually Uncover It.

Dave Corbett, Who Found the Trophy in South London, Reportedly Turned It in Right Away and Collected a Reward of £6,000. According to Legend, Pickles Was Given Enough Dog Chow to Last Him Forever.

If Fifa Wanted to Acquire a Replica, They’d Have to Spend More than £250,000.


When the Original Was Stolen in 1983, It Had Been in Brazil Since 1970. Even Though Four Men Were Tried in Absentia for Stealing the Cup from The Brazilian Football Confederation in Rio, It Was Never Returned. Many speculate that It Was Melted Down, Sold, or Put Into a Private Collection. Similar to The First One, This One Was Also Made.

Fifa World Cup

As Such, a New Trophy Needed to Be Fashioned for The 1974 Competition. There Were Several Submissions Before the Final Design Was Chosen.

The First of Two Submissions by The Italian Artist Silvio Gazzaniga Was Chosen, and He Therefore Won. Over Time, He Also Created the Look for The Uefa Cup and Uefa Super Cup.

The World Cup Trophy Is Five Kilogrammes (18 Kg) of 18-Karat Gold and Is Shaped as A Depiction of Two Individuals Holding up The World.

history of the world cup trophy

After the 2038 World Cup, There Will Be No More Area on The Lowest Base Layer for the Engravings of The Winning Teams.

Former Champions Had the Option of Keeping the Cup until The Next Tournament’s Final Draw, but That Practise Has Since Been Abandoned. in Its Place, the Winner Will Now Receive a Bronze Duplicate that Has Been Plated in Gold.

The Original Can Be Seen at Any Time in The Fifa World Football Museum in Zurich. the Only Time It Leaves Is when It Travels Around the World on The Fifa World Cup Trophy Tour, but It May Be Seen on The Field and In the Stands for The World Cup Final and At the Final Draw for The Next World Cup.

Jimmy Jump

There Was a Near-Heist of The New Trophy in 2010 During the World Cup Final Between Spain and The Netherlands, but Otherwise, the New Trophy Has Led to a Much More Sedate Existence than The Previous One.

A Notorious Mischief Maker Stepped onto The Field with The Intention of Putting a Barentina (a Traditional Catalan Headgear) on The Cup. Shortly After, He Was Surrounded by Security Personnel and Given a Minor Fine.

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