Must Know! New features in Android 15 beta 3: Minor changes to wallpaper, timeout, and browsing

Must Know! New features in Android 15 beta 3: Minor changes to wallpaper, timeout, and browsing

Not every Android software update brings major changes, but even smaller updates can be quite valuable. This week, the third beta for Android 15 was launched, introducing some interface tweaks and a useful new feature aimed at conserving battery life. Here’s what you can expect from Android 15’s third beta.

Android 15 Beta 3: 3 New Features

According to 9to5Google, the list of changes isn’t extensive, but there are a few noteworthy additions.

Easier Wallpaper Editing for Pixel Fold

Google’s Pixel Fold, launched last year, was a commendable first attempt at a foldable device. However, improvements are always possible, and software updates play a crucial role in this. In the latest Android 15 beta, the wallpaper editor for Pixel Fold devices has been updated. Users can now simultaneously preview edits on both the inner and outer displays, making the editing process smoother and more efficient. While not a groundbreaking change, it’s certainly a welcome enhancement.

Adaptive Timeout

First leaked back in April, the “adaptive timeout” feature has now been integrated into the Android 15 beta. This feature, found in the “Screen timeout” settings menu, automatically turns off your screen if the device is not in use. Users can still set a static timeout duration, but the adaptive timeout offers a more intuitive option by shutting off the display whenever the phone is set down, potentially saving battery life.

Android Safe Browsing

A new “Android Safe Browsing” feature is also being introduced in this beta. This feature aims to enhance user security by sending website and app information to Google for verification, ensuring that everything is safe and secure. Importantly, this feature does not track your browsing activity, alleviating privacy concerns.

These updates, though not extensive, provide useful enhancements that improve the overall user experience with Android 15.






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