Editorial Policy

At Sportoversy, we work hard to uphold ethical standards in journalism so that we can bring our readers original and informative content. You accept these guidelines and understand that failure to comply with them may result in your article being rejected from publication. If you want to do business with us, you’ll have to put your assent to this policy in writing.


Each submission must contain original content. They need to be unique enough to pass duplicate content detection systems like Copyscape. Our editors are exclusively interested in receiving original work from our writers. You need to be sure that what you’re writing will actually help our readers. Articles that have been plagiarised or are obvious rewrites will be rejected.

Justifications and evidence

All statements and statistics pertaining to money should be verified before being included in the article. Customers will not believe exaggerated claims or biased data. Any data we post is guaranteed to be in the public domain and vetted by the appropriate parties. Any time authors cite previously published data, statistics, or statements, they must include a link to the original article.

To the best of your ability, always provide evidence for your statements. Your arguments can be supported by examples like screenshots, charts, and images. Don’t utilize a claim in your article unless you can back it up with credible sources.


Your work for us should always provide some sort of value to the people who read it. Your content will be more helpful if it has a specific purpose. Our goal is to provide informative articles on current events and financial matters to our readers. No currency, market, or entity mentioned in the articles should be promoted or advertised in any form.

Promoting and marketing an idea

Articles should not make claims or provide information that might be used to market or promote a business, person, or financial instrument. Always be forthright and honest in your article’s title, subheadings, and body material. You shouldn’t put a link in your article that promotes a product, service, or person. No commercial or promotional content is permitted in our articles.


We’d like to remind you that our audience consists of serious savers and investors. In such cases, your articles should provide valuable insight for readers with advanced financial knowledge. We intend to supply them with the latest breaking financial news and information. Therefore, we need to identify our target audience before penning an essay.

All Things Considered, This Article Will Be Published

It is up to the editorial board alone to determine whether or not to print the piece. There is no obligation for our editors to explain their decisions. When deciding whether or not to publish a piece, we’ll consider how it makes us feel. The writers must adhere to the board’s every directive.

Reporting on events

When reporting the news for us, please double-check your facts with credible outlets. Our platform has more flexible timelines for publishing news, but we still verify the authenticity of every story before they go public. Verify that any claims made in the post are supported by credible sources.

Keeping to this editing standard will help ensure that you provide quality writing for our audience.

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