CHECK it out! iOS 18’s Public Beta for iPhone Is Coming Soon

While iOS usually garners the most attention, Apple typically releases public betas of its other operating systems around the same time. We can anticipate seeing iPadOS 18, watchOS 11, tvOS 18, and even HomePod software 18 being released concurrently or close to the iOS 18 release date.

The macOS public beta, however, often follows a slightly different schedule. Despite this, the most recent releases—Sonoma and Ventura—have aligned their timelines with iOS:

  • macOS Sonoma public beta: July 11, 2023
  • macOS Ventura public beta: July 12, 2022
  • macOS Monterey public beta: July 7, 2021
  • macOS Big Sur public beta: August 10, 2020

Given this pattern, it wouldn’t be surprising if the macOS Sequoia public beta is available as early as July 8, 2024, or perhaps the following week.

Vision OS Status

Notably missing from the Apple Beta page is Vision OS 2 for the Vision Pro. Last year, Apple did not release a public beta of Vision OS, and it remains uncertain if a public beta will be available this year before the Vision OS 2 official release.






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